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Oh, heads up, if you haven’t seen me yet today…my hair is purple. #publicserviceannouncement

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I am still flipping out over this. Seriously one of the best days of my life! So grateful for these bands!! I do wish Blake Sennet had been around for the Night Terrors picture.
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Hair is officially cut! Now we wait for Sunday to color it!

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Woah. I hope Jade gets all those messages. Those are hella importante. LIKE VITAL INFO. 

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6 year old fan asks Sebastian a question.

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Ooh. #selfie game strong today.

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Why didn’t you shoot me, Tris?

I couldn’t do that. It would have been like shooting myself.

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Young Medusa

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↳ [1] one heartbreaking moment

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musta been lauryn.

shoot, girl. you know your stuff.

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Ever since that faithful day when me and all my Panic! friends saw @brendonurie’s “Studio!” vine, we just yell the word “Studio” at each other. This is what happens when a Panic! fan is a Starbucks barista… #panicatthedisco #studio #brendonurievines

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i think everyone thinks about becoming a prostitute at one point in their life

6th grade was a hard time for me

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